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Queen of Free's spring cleaning strategies

Consider using some spring cleaning strategies to keep your sanity while you work.

INDIANAPOLIS — The annual rites of spring in Indiana usually include watching basketball in March. But once the high school season is over and all the Indiana teams have danced their last in the NCAA tournaments, it's time to turn our attention to the dreaded chores of spring cleaning.

Cherie Lowe, the Queen of Free, probably dreads spring cleaning as much as you do, but she's able to work smart using some favorite strategies that she shared on 13Sunrise and in her weekly blog.

Machine maintenance

"Most of our homes come fully stocked with modern conveniences like washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators," said Lowe. So you may want to start by getting them ready to work their magic with a deep cleaning first. Machine cleaners or a white vinegar solution you can find on the web will refresh your automatic friends and keep them running longer and more efficiently. 

Build rhythms

"When I get overwhelmed by the potential for a mammoth task, I try to set up and then return to rhythms that help me get something done even if I can’t do everything," said Lowe, who typically washes towels and jeans on Mondays because they're easiest to fold. That helps her accomplish something out of the gate each week. Your plan is up to you, but you should build around your family's needs and schedules.

Make a list of major projects

Beyond your weekly cleaning and laundry chores and the monthly machine maintenance you should be doing, brainstorm a list of projects you want to accomplish when time or money allows. "When you have a free Saturday morning or unexpected funds," Lowe said, "you know what to do with both."

Enlist helpers

It's easy to put off chores when they feel too daunting to tackle yourself. If you ask for help, you can probably accomplish more from your list. Just know that your helper may not fold clothes the same way you do, but the goal is to empty the laundry basket so the dirty clothes don't pile up on the floor and prevent you from vacuuming.

Watch Lowe's full 13Sunrise segment in the video player.


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