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South Bend dog finally heads to forever home after nearly a year in shelter

It took more than 10 months, but "Kane" finally found his perfect match.

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — An adorable pooch who spent more than 300 days at an animal shelter in South Bend has finally found his forever home. 

After a trial adoption period, "Kane" and his new owner are looking forward to spending their days together.

Stephanie Payne submitted one of the ten adoption applications for Kane when the South Bend Animal Resource Center shared his story a couple of weeks ago.

"When I read Kane's story, it was very sad. It tugged at my heart. So I thought I would at least go meet him," Payne said.

She said the opportunity to give Kane a loving home couldn't have come at a better time. 

"I was feeling a little lonely myself. My husband passed away a little over a year ago. I had three dogs. All three of them passed last year and I've been without any dogs since about the middle of December," Payne said.

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She brought Kane home last Thursday as a foster so they could get to know each other. It didn't take long for Payne to realize it was a great fit for both of them.

"He couldn't have any other pets, I don't have any other pets. No small children, I don't have any small children," Payne said of Kane. "It's perfect. We rescued one another."

The shelter's staff said they'll miss Kane, but they're happy he will be going to a home that's perfect for him.

"It was tricky, because we were trying to field them all to make sure it fit Kane's specifications and a lot of the people were still having trouble understanding that or listening to us. But we were able to find the one and it worked out great, so we're happy," said Lindsay Cuellar, director of the South Bend Animal Resource Center.

It was the perfect match of Payne and Kane and they couldn't have met at a better time.