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Firefighters rescue dog stuck behind concrete wall

The dog had been missing for five days. It was wedged tightly between two concrete walls.

CINCINNATI — There was a happy reunion in Ohio Sunday after a missing dog who had been gone for five days was recued from behind a concrete wall.

"I never really felt hopeless," said Connie Frick, Gertie's owner. "I really thought somebody took her in or she found some place and that's what happened."

A neighbor found Gertie wedged tightly between two concrete walls, not far from home.

"She fell through a roof of a hillside garage that was very dilapidated," Frick said. "Whatever had been an old wall was replaced with a cinderblock wall, which was keeping it from falling down. She was caught in between the two."

Frick said Gertie was a wild dog before she was adopted — something she said played a role in the dog's survival.

"I heard whining and started talking to the whining. And my dog was out there too, and she barked because she heard the whining, and I thought, 'that sounds like a puppy,'" said Vanessa Roland.

The reunion was special for both Gertie and her owner.

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