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Louisiana man finds, rescues kitten on side of the road — then rescues 12 more

After Brantley pulled over to rescue the kitten, 12 more kittens appeared from the grass and ran toward him!

LOUISIANA, USA — A man was on his way to the shooting range after work when he spotted a tiny black and white kitten on the side of the road in the grass all by itself.

Robert Brantley of Louisiana pulled over and started recording as he approached the baby saying, "Look. He's going to get killed for sure." 

Brantley said his wife had been wanting to get a kitten for their farm, so he thought he'd save this one who he didn't think would make it through the night without his help. And then came the ambush. 12 more kittens came running towards him!

"Oh my gosh there's more," said Brantley. "We've got a kitten problem. I thought I was saving one. Hot diggity dog."

Brantley knew he'd be saving them all and began loading them up in his SUV. His second video showed the adorable flash mob of kittens as he is heard saying, "the tactical Honda was not prepared for this." The video shows all 13 kittens roaming around his vehicle.

"I couldn't keep up with them because as I would throw one in, two would jump out," he wrote. "So I had to close the door with the window down and funnel 'em in. That would have been good footage actually." Brantley bemoaned the fact that the "gas saver" he was driving didn't come with the kitten box.

He posted the videos to his Facebook page, and they quickly went viral, with thousands praising him for saving the litter. He also began asking his followers for advice on how to care for them while he works on finding loving homes for them.

"Thank you to all that reached out to give advice and help with the kittens. Ya'll are as much a part of this as us! The kittens are doing great and are enjoying the warm breeze as they dry off. We've got some more things planned for these babies so stay tuned. I'm still learning a lot of this so go easy on me."

Brantley says everyone keeps asking for updates so he shared another video showing the happy kittens being "tormented with photography" and playing in their kitten corral.

His family will be keeping the first kitten he spotted, who they have now named Scout.

Monday, Brantley posted that one of the kittens was adopted by a local family, who is very excited about their newest addition.

Today Courtney brought 8 kittens to the vet and also met up with one of the new adopting families. One of the little...

Posted by Robert Brantley on Monday, June 13, 2022

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For everyone asking for an update on the kittens! They are now being humiliated beyond belief. Heres some behind the scenes for stuff Courtney is doing for everyone asking. The big kids are back and having a blast! #kittenambush #catattack #cat #cats_of_instagram

Posted by Robert Brantley on Saturday, June 11, 2022

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