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Dogs everywhere may freak out as stay-at home-orders loosen

Certified professional dog trainer, Alyssa Rose, has some tips on how to help your dog adjust to a life with less of you in it.
Credit: David Prusinski
Both rescues. Brodie on left from Detroit and Milkshake on right from New Orleans. Brodie is saying "This stay at home order is for the dogs."

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif — As different sectors of the economy head back to work in-person, certified professional dog trainer, Alyssa Rose, has some tips on how to help your dog adjust to a life with less of you in it.

"It will be a struggle for dogs that are accustomed to having their humans at home with them. Getting ready may get them excited because they think they are heading out the door with us," said Rose.

Incorporating short departures into your routine now will lessen the shock for your pup.

"Maybe you go for a walk around the block without your dog," added Rose.

You can start feeding your dog breakfast out of a KONG.

"A little bit of kibble, and few teaspoons of wet food and pack it in there. It can give them that calm right before you're about to leave," said Rose.

Rose said another way to help is by giving your dog a comfort blanket, putting food inside the folds while you are home so they create a positive association with it and it comforts him when you leave.

Playing relaxing music when you dog is sleeping and then playing the same music when you leave can also help.

"We can start incorporating those sounds into departures for the same effect," said Rose.

A sign of stress is if your dog doesn't eat their favorite treats when you're gone.

A camera will allow you to see if your dog is exhibiting other anxious behavior.

"Some of the behaviors are pacing, vocalizing [like] barking or howling, [and] destructive, hyper vigilant behavior like listening to every small sound they hear," said Rose.

If your dog is exhibiting anxious behavior that you just can't figure out, Rose may be able to help. You can contact her.

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