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The Comeback: Teacher strength

Staff and teachers at New Augusta Public Academy made a video and sent it to their middle school students to express their love and support for them. ​

The official school year will be coming to a close over the next few weeks, and we wanted to take this time to give a huge “thank you” to all of our educators who found the strength to push through and remain dedicated to our students. As much as we miss them, they miss the normalcy of seeing our kids in the traditional school setting, too. But 13 News Anchor Andrea Morehead found out teachers and staff are making “The Comeback” despite the challenges.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Staff and teachers at New Augusta Public Academy made a video and sent it to their middle school students to express their love and support for them.

It was sent to all of the middle school kids, and the feeling is mutual for parents.

Therapist NaKaisha Tolbert Banks says, “I’ve heard so many parents including myself say I have a whole new found respect for teachers and educators in what they do because the work is hard and we all have to work together to be successful."

Eric Cheatham is giving a shout out to third grade teacher Mrs. Lopez at Indian Creek Elementary.

Terri Gibson is a teacher and says she misses the relationship with her students especially the greeting “Good Morning Mrs. Gibson. What are we doing today?”

While the school hallways are empty and parents are monitoring the e-learning at home, our teachers are still very much involved and mapping out the lessons.

“It was a learning curve for me as well, learning how to do google hangouts and making sure the kids get all of their academic needs met," said Brandy Adams, a second grade teacher at Clifty Creek Elementary School in Columbus. She’s also using YouTube to remotely work and see her 24 students.

“The parents are always telling me their kids miss me and I always tell them that I miss them as well," Adams said.

Her father-in-law, Ron Adams, sent me his shout out to Brandy as an outstanding teacher who spent five hours making and delivering a pinwheel greeting to all of her kids.

“But I wanted them to know that it was very genuine that I really do miss them, and I would do anything to be back in the classroom with them," Adams said.

For parents, it can be challenging teaching at home because we’re working with our children for longer periods of time. And let’s face it — there are so many emotions for all of us throughout the course of the day, so give yourself some grace.

Tolbert Banks says, “It doesn’t necessarily mean if you cry, that you’re weak during this time, but that tear or those tears may actually be your strength to get you up and moving or to say I needed this moment to cry and get it out.”

Cassandra says since mid-March, her children have needed to cry, scream or celebrate. But the biggest lesson she’s learned is that just “being there," like our teachers, really matters.

So yes — with strength, we can all get through this together, and we will rise from this like the phoenix we are. So stay strong!

Brandy’s school ends this Thursday, and like all school systems across the state, there’s been no decision about if and when schools will be open again to students in the fall.

If you have a COVID-19 related story of inspiration and resiliency, send Andrea an email at: thecomeback@wthr.com.