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7 reasons to build a custom home on your lot

On your lot home building doesn’t need to be complex - a custom home builder can streamline each process for a simple, no-stress experience. Here are some reasons to choose customization over cookie-cutter.

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Much of the stress of buying a home comes from trying to find a home that fits your needs and wants, but what if you could design it yourself?

Whether you’re looking for a home for now or something that you’ll stay in forever, you deserve to have your needs and wants met at a fair price. Custom on-your-lot building puts you in charge.

Here are some reasons to choose a custom-built home on your lot:

1. Experience

Few builders claim to be custom homebuilders unless they have some sort of experience to offer. Look for builders with plenty of industry experience and continuity in their building teams. It's also a good idea to find someone who has served several different areas around you, such as throughout Central Indiana. This way, your builder will know the area and the needs of those looking for something special.

2. Freedom

Although most homebuilders demand that you build within their chosen subdivisions and communities, not all do. Whether you want something in the suburbs or more out in the country, find a builder who is willing to build wherever you want. This on-your-lot building allows you plenty of freedom in all parts of the home-building process and lets you choose the exact location of your dream home. After all, why go to all the work of building a house if it’s not in a location you love?

3. Flexible financing

Not all home financing is created equal. Make sure your builder lets you optimize your dollar and get more flexibility in your financing options. For example, Davis Homes can help you stay within a specific budget and can offer 3.5 percent FHA and 5 percent conventional, with 0 percent down through VA or USDA loans. Put your money where you want to without the 20 percent down payment requirement.

4. Efficiency

Aside from quality materials and trustworthy workmanship, you want to find a builder who can deliver on home efficiency. Look for someone who can provide five-star home energy ratings. These ratings come from a variety of techniques, including but not limited to:

  • Low E argon gas-filled windows
  • Rigid foam insulation under the slab
  • Extra insulation in walls, basements and attics
  • Complete home wrap insulation

Ideally, you'll hire a builder who can promise at least a 70 score on the HERS index, meaning it's 30 percent more efficient than the average home on the market today. This ensures that you save money in the future while doing your part to protect the environment.

5. Customization

The key in home-building success is customization. This comes in many forms, whether it means bringing your floor plan to the table, choosing the land and location yourself, or being able to explore a design center with countless hardware options. No matter who you choose, find someone who lets each stage of the home-building process help you get exactly what you want.

6. Durability

Your custom builder should take pride in each home it builds, including offering various guarantees and warranties. With these policies in place, you'll get the exact type of home you want along with all the protections you need for the future. Such warranties might include:

  • Two-year builder warranty
  • Manufacturers’ warranties on roofing, mechanical and appliances
  • 10-year structural warranty
  • Option for three-month or 12-month walk through to fix any construction-oriented issues

If you can find builders who care about their work and will remedy any issues, you’ll be much happier in the long run.

7. Fair price

Home pricing is complex, but as a general rule, your home’s cost will consist of three main factors: price of the lot, price to prepare the land and price of the home. Davis Homes offers a free site assessment along with workmanship and materials that are high quality and worth every penny you pay.

Davis Homes offers generations of family operation and 65 years of real industry experience. To learn more about their custom home-building options, visit www.davishomes.com today.

Rachel Harris is a graduate of Brigham Young University, a freelance writer, and musician. Contact her at raeturnip@gmail.com.