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Pat Sullivan shares tips on avoiding mosquitos

With heat and moisture comes those pesky insects. Here's how to avoid them.

INDIANAPOLIS — Part of being outside in the summertime in central Indiana involves a fight — a fight with mosquitos.

Pat Sullivan from Sullivan Hardware and Garden has advice for the best ways to keep them away while enjoying the summer heat.

Some people believe plants like citronella geranium plants can keep the mosquitos at bay. When you crush the leaves, yes, it smells like citronella oil, which is used to repel insects. But Sullivan says just having those plants around typically isn't effective.

So what does he suggest?

  • Wash your feet and socks: Stinky feet have been shown to attract mosquitos.
  • Wear light-colored clothing: Mosquitos are drawn to dark clothing.
  • Put up citronella torches or candles.
  • Spray bug control on foliage in the yard.
  • Keep bug spray for the family on deck.

Watch the video player to see all of Sullivan's tips.

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