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Pat Sullivan shares tips for better hydrangeas

Hydrangeas should be thriving at this point of the Indiana summer.

INDIANAPOLIS — Hydrangeas are hearty plants that tend to thrive in Indiana summers. That means they should be looking great right now.

If yours are not looking great right now, Pat from Sullivan Hardware and Garden shared some answers on 13Sunrise Sunday.

If they aren't blooming, they very likely are not getting enough sun. Pat said morning sun is best, so the east side of the house or garden might work best.

August is going to be a good time to prune panicle hydrangeas, and they could use another round of fertilizer about now. If you wait too late to prune, you will likely lose some color.

Acid in your soil can be adjusted to help spur a color change in the your blooms.

Watch Pat's full segment in the video player.