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Pat Sullivan's Mother's Day gift ideas

Pat Sullivan shares his Mother's Day gift ideas for moms who like to get their hands dirty in the back yard.

INDIANAPOLIS — You have been given as much time to figure out a Mother's Day gift as the calendar allows this year, since it falls on May 14. 

But if you're stll stuck for a gift for mom, Pat Sullivan from Sullivan Hardware and Garden shared his Mother's Day gift ideas on 13Sunrise for women who like to get their hands dirty in the back yard.

But fair warning, not all home and garden gifts will go over as well as breakfast in bed and a day of pampering.

"In my 20's, I thought that my wife -- and the mother of my children -- would love a garden claw," Sullivan explained. "She didn't think that was so good. So I hear about it quite a bit."

A machete? Not a good gift.

Think more along the lines of pruning shears or a nice new set of ergonomic garden tools for mom, or a carrying bag to keep them organized.

Sullivan suggested a two-way garden stool that acts as a chair, but also flips over to serve as a kneeling pad as a practical gift that a mother who tends a garden might appreciate.

If she doesn't like to get her hands dirty -- garden gloves or hand lotion might do the trick.

Sullivan's annual favorite go-to gift from the garden is a hanging basket. But even if there's no hook on mom's porch or patio, a new decorative planter that can accommodate a hanging arrangement that's re-planted is an attractive alternative.

Watch Sullivan's full 13Sunrise segment in the video player.

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