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Pat Sullivan: Maintaining wood decks and fences

If your wood deck or fence is starting show wear or discoloration, summer is a good time to shore up its faded or peeling surface.

INDIANAPOLIS — Wood decks and fences are generally cost-efficient and natural additions to your home's exterior. 

But they both eventually need some attention to maintain their appeal. 

Pat from Sullivan Hardware and Garden shared some basic maintenance advice for outdoor wood on 13Sunrise.

Algae and mold can form on a deck, making it slippery, so Pat said you need to treat those surfaces and kill the growth.

If the fence or deck is sealed with a solid coat stain or paint, that will eventually peel on horizontal surfaces. You may need to strip it off, which is time-consuming. If the peeling areas are small, you might be better to sand and repaint or patch those peeling spots rather than strip the whole deck.

Pressure-treated wood turns gray over time in Indiana's climate. 

Pat recommends you use cleaner and a scrub brush to prepare the deck or fence for a fresh coat of stain. After cleaning, let the wood dry for a few days before you apply a sealer with a roller. Make sure you let it penetrate the wood, then brush off any excess drips. 

Your wood will be looking good and it will be ready for fall and winter weather.

Watch Pat's full segment in the video player.