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Pat Sullivan: How to protect your plants and flowers from freezing temperatures

With snow and below-freezing temperatures, Pat Sullivan tells us what we can do to protect our plants from the cold.

INDIANAPOLIS — We're getting for another cold night after having a late April snowfall this week. 

Budding plants and trees are covered in snow this week and there's another cold night ahead leaving many wondering who this unusual weather is going to affect their plants. 

Pat Sullivan from Sullivan Hardware and Garden has a few tips and tricks on how you can protect your plants, starting with bringing your potted plants inside. 

On Wednesday, he showed what you can do to protect your most vulnerable plants: the ones in your landscaping. 

Sullivan advised covering your outside plants, especially the ones that are in bloom, to trap the heat in the ground. He said not to use plastic, which could burn your plants, and that the covering should be like a tent that goes all the way over your plant and down to the ground. 

Watch his whole segment in the video player.