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Pat Sullivan: Grilling Thanksgiving turkey outdoors

By cooking your turkey outdoors on the grill, you save space in the kitchen for the rest of the feast.

INDIANAPOLIS — Before you cover the outdoor grill for the winter, Pat from Sullivan Hardware and Garden suggests using it for cooking your Thanksgiving turkey.

Whether you smoke or grill the turkey, you will impart unique flavor on the bird and, as Pat explained on 13Sunrise on Sunday, you will clear kitchen and oven space for preparing the rest of your feast.

Guests like to congregate outside around the warm grill, too.

You might want to brine or rub the turkey beforehand to give it the flavor you want. 

Make sure you start with a clean grill that will not flare up and burn your turkey's skin.

You can use gas, charcoal or wood chips for your fire and the turkey will cook just fine in the 300-350 degree range.

Using a meat thermometer will let you know when it's ready. Some thermometers now link to an app on your phone so you can start cooking then monitor progress while you watch football or prepare side dishes in the kitchen.

To keep the turkey from drying out, cook it over a pan of liquid to create steam and impart more flavor on the meat. Pat suggested putting wood chips like "pecan for poultry" or fresh fruit and onions in the liquid to give your bird the taste you prefer.

Watch Pat's full segment in the video player.