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Pat Sullivan: Fall seeding your yard

Labor Day in Indiana typically signals the best time to put down new grass seed on your lawn.

INDIANAPOLIS — Labor Day in Indiana is an important milepost for homeowners and lawn care. 

Pat from Sullivan Hardware and Garden explained on 13Sunrise why now is the best time to put down grass seed.

Long periods of scorching hot weather no longer threaten lawns, and there is still enough time to sow new seed and have it germinate and get roots established before fall's first killing frost. 

But Pat says the window is weeks, not months, to do it right.

Preparing your lawn to receive new seed is key, according to Pat.

Just sowing seed on top of your current grass will waste much of your investment because seed needs to contact dirt to germinate. So raking up thatch and dead grass to expose the dirt will pay off when the seed goes down because more seed will likely grow.

Dethatching or aerating your yard before overseeding is recommended because both processes expose more bare soil to accept seed. But don't wait too late in the fall to get this work scheduled and done because your new seed will need the longest possible growing window you can provide.

If you are going to go put in the work to prepare your lawn to receive new seed, Pat recommends you invest in better seed, not the "contractor's mix" you see in stores. 

According to Pat, Fescue is the best grass for Indiana's climate because it can withstand more extreme conditions, but some people prefer the lighter color of Kentucky bluegrass.

Once the seed is down, it needs moisture to germinate and grow, so plan to water your lawn and add peat moss or straw to help retain moisture until the new grass gets established.

Watch Pat's full segment in the video player.

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