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Queen of Free: Mother's Day gifts

Showing mom you care doesn’t mean being financially irresponsible.

INDIANAPOLIS — As you plan to celebrate Mom this year, Cherie Lowe, the Queen of Free encourages us to try to think about ways to spoil her without having to come back asking for cash a week later to help pay for her gift. 

On 13Sunrise and in her blog, Cherie said showing mom you care doesn’t require financial irresponsibility.

So here are some affordable ideas for Mother’s Day 2022.

Think about your mom's favorites, or just ask her

Before shopping, Cherie said, "Sit down and think about the things that your mom really loves. Flowers are lovely, but if she’s allergic, that will be a miss."

Because not all moms like the same things, just responding to a TV or radio ad and buying that item won't necessarily please your mom. 

What your mom loves and who she is should dictate how to celebrate her. All she may want this year is a nap. But you won’t know unless you ask.

On the flip side of that, if you're a mother and reading this, Cherie implores you to please tell us what you really want when we ask. 

"Don’t use the 'you don’t have to get me anything' line when we ask," said Cherie. "We’d rather spend our money on things we know you’d love and enjoy than those items that will go unused."

To avoid being disappointed, share exactly what you’d like.

Flowers for free

Many moms love flowers. If yours is one of them, Cherie suggests you buy her flowers that can be planted instead of cut flowers so that she can enjoy them all summer rather than a week or two. If you’d still rather do cut flowers, head to the grocery store or a warehouse retailer like Sam’s Club or Costco this week for special deals. 

Also, check participating Lowe’s Home Improvement stores that are giving away free annuals for moms. Local schools will also be hosting fundraisers with flowers, too. 

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Gift cards

A gift card is always a good choice. Just be sure to include a thoughtful handwritten note or card in the envelope.

You can save a few dollars on discount gift cards at Costco, which often sells local gift cards for less than face value. Cherie said she found a $100 Cake Bake gift card for $79.99. Sam’s Club carries a wide variety of gift cards from Disney to DSW and a number of restaurants, too. The majority come in at least a dollar or two under face value.

Restaurants are offering gift card bonuses, too. 

Many restaurants will be offering freebies for moms to get you inside. But don’t let the deal determine where you go. Ask mom where she’d like to go and then see what deals and offers are available at the places she likes. Restaurants are likely to be very busy, so reservations if you can. 

Mom's chore checklist

Maybe you should give your mom a service gift by tackling her to-do list as a gift. Do the dishes or the laundry. Hang pictures on the wall or pull weeds to help mom. "She will be so grateful," said Cherie. 

On that note, unless she wants it, don’t buy an appliance like a vacuum or a dishwasher. "Those are household needs, not a Mother’s Day gift," said Cherie.

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Words mean the most

Your mom will love being spoiled, but saying 'thank you' and writing her a letter might mean even more. And those don’t cost a cent. Deliver your message in person or on the phone or on FaceTime so you can deliver your words intentionally.

Watch Cherie's full segment in the video player:

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