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Easter on a budget with the Queen of Free

You can create a memorable Easter on a budget this year.

INDIANAPOLIS — This year, just like it was last year, Easter falls during the pandemic. 

While the state of the world doesn’t change the holiday or its meaning, our traditional celebrations may be slightly altered again this year. 

So Cherie Lowe, the Queen of Free, advises you think ahead on what you will need and so you don't overspend.

Sunday on 13Sunrise and in her blog, Cherie broke down some basic advice to help save you time and money as you get ready to celebrate.

Get those plastic eggs out of storage and assess what can be used again before you head for the store. Then, shopping early helps you find what you need and not overspend.

When it comes to Easter baskets, remember they serve one purpose and go back in storage. So think about buying one that will last through multiple years or a container that serves another purpose. And forget fillers like Easter grass that will go straight into the trash after the candy and eggs are dumped out of the basket.

For meals, check out restaurant options or decide on a simple menu that provides leftovers.

Watch all of Cherie's Sunrise advice in the video player.