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2020 Santa Claus, Indiana postmark now available

The 2020 postmark is available between Dec. 1 and Dec. 24.
Credit: Spencer County Visitors Bureau
Local high school student Summer Weedman designed the special picture postmark for use on Christmas cards and other mail from the Santa Claus Post Office during the holiday season.

SANTA CLAUS, Ind. — The special Santa Claus holiday postmark is now available at the Santa Claus, Indiana post office. This famous small-town post office is the only one in the world with the Santa Claus name and receives over 400,000 pieces of mail in December.

The Santa Claus Post Office has offered the special postmark every holiday season since 1983. It is designed by a local high school student and this year that was Summer Weedman. She is now a freshman at the Vincennes University Jasper Campus, where she is pursuing a nursing degree.

“Patrons from all over the world request the Santa Claus holiday postmark. Some drive into town to personally hand cancel their holiday mail with the famous picture postmark and others request the special postmark by mail,” says Postmaster Cheryl Bailey. “The famous Santa Claus postmark is a long-standing tradition for the town and it’s always fun to see the unique artwork each year.”

Anyone interested in getting the special cancellation on their holiday mail should follow these guidelines:

  • Allow at least a 2-inch by 4-inch space in the stamp area for the picture postmark;
  • Apply postage to cards or letters before bringing or mailing them to the post office;
  • If you wish to mail Christmas cards to the post office, package them – with postage stamps already on them – in a sturdy envelope or box, and mail to: Postmaster, P.O. Box 9998, Santa Claus, IN 47579-9998;
  • The picture postmark is available on working days between December 1 and 24;
  • The picture postmark must be requested by the postal customer;
  • To ensure a good postmark imprint, do not enclose large or bulky items in your holiday mail (Ex: reindeer food, snowflakes, glitter, stickers, etc.);
  • There is no charge for postmarking; however, there is a limit of 50 picture postmarks (hand cancellations) per person per day.

The 2020 postmark is available only in Santa Claus, Indiana, on working days from Dec. 1 - 24. 

For more information about the 2020 Santa Claus Christmas Celebration and holiday packages, call (888) 444-9252 or visit SantaClausInd.org/Christmas.