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WATCH: Viral video shows young woman's happy dance after job interview

Kayallah Jones has been homeless for two years and lost multiple jobs due to the pandemic.

DECATUR, Ga. — A viral video of a young woman doing a happy dance after acing a job interview is helping millions of people share in her moment of sheer joy during tough times.

Kallayah Jones has been homeless for two years and lost a number of jobs due to the pandemic. When she aced a job interview Tuesday, she couldn't help but celebrate and her dance was caught on surveillance video.

"I was excited. When I got outside, I didn't know that the cameras caught me," Jones said.

Dakara Spence is the manager of The Spot, in Decatur, Georgia, who interviewed Jones and saw something in her.

"She had like a great energy, I felt it when she walked in, she seemed really positive," Spence said. "I called her phone and I said 'I'm going to hire you, and I (have) seen your happy dance so you can continue dancing.' And she was just screaming through the phone. It was a beautiful moment for me."

What was a beautiful moment for Spence meant even more to Jones.

"Ms. Dakara didn't know, but I was going through so much, and at that point when she gave me this chance and this opportunity I was elated, excited and so overwhelmed to the point where no one understood how happy and accomplished I felt at that moment."

Jones is now officially a server at the restaurant. The video Spence posted has gotten millions of views on social media.

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