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'Send the Love' raises more than $4,200 for Indiana Diaper Bank

Money donated by you this week has already started to make a difference for families in central Indiana.

INDIANAPOLIS — I have an exciting update about our efforts to “Send the Love" to the Indiana Diaper Bank. This is the small non-profit that provides diapers and baby wipes to Indiana families who can’t afford them. 

So far, our viewers have donated $4,200. That’s awesome, considering many of the donations were at the $5 level. 

The Indiana Diaper Bank used that money to drop off diapers at a women’s shelter in Boone County. They now also have enough money to provide baby wipes to all their partners for a month. 

If they can raise another $800, they can bring in a box truck full of diapers to help the community.

There’s still time to send the love to the Indiana Diaper Bank. 

Pull out your phone and text the word "LOVE" to 317-655-5740 and I'll send you a link with all the info on how you can help.

On Monday, I'll be back with our next nonprofit that we want to support. 

Thanks for joining us as we "send the love."

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