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Rodney Smith Jr. in Charlotte as part of nationwide lawn-mowing tour to raise breast cancer awareness

This is not the first time Smith has traveled the country in a lawn-mowing tour.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Rodney Smith Jr. was back in Charlotte Monday morning as part of his nationwide tour to raise breast cancer awareness. 

This is not the first time Smith has traveled the country in a lawn-mowing tour. 

During one of his first tours, Smith would mow lawns for those who were unable to mow their own lawns. Whether it be due to age, disability or just a struggling single mother. 

“I thought I needed to do something about it,” Smith said. “That’s when I decided to cut lawns for the elderly, disabled and single mothers for free.”

Smith is now once again traveling all 50 states to raise breast cancer awareness. While in Charlotte, Smith met with two people. A woman who is a breast cancer survivor and a man who lost a loved one to breast cancer. 

Brett, who lost his mother to breast cancer back in August of 2018 said he's grateful for people like Smith. 

"It's because of people like Rodney making these efforts and giving to charity and doing things have allowed my mom to survive the first time and give me all of those years with her," Brett said. 

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Together Smith and his participants mow a strip of lawn together and then he has them sign his pink lawnmower.