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'Dolphin Tale' actor leaves heartfelt message to Winter the Dolphin

Harry Connick Jr says he feels lucky to have been able to be in both Dolphin Tale movies and get a chance to spend time with Winter the Dolphin.

CLEARWATER, Fla — The news of Winter the Dolphin passing has left many people around the world heartbroken, including the castmates of the popular Dolphin Tale movie franchise.

Harry Connick Jr., who played Dr. Clay Haskett, left a heartfelt message to Winter on his Twitter Thursday after hearing the news.

"My heart is heavy tonight, I'll miss you, sweet Winter," he wrote in a tweet. "Sending love to everyone at [CMA], [you all] are incredible. Thank you for the work you do..."

Connick says he feels lucky to have been able to be in both Dolphin Tale movies and get a chance to spend time with Winter the Dolphin.

Along with Connick's message, Cozi Zuehlsdorff, one of the child stars of the Dolphin Tale movie franchise, also released an emotional video tribute to Winter.

Zuehlsdorff, now 23, described playing Hazel Haskett on the big screen as the greatest honor of her life.

After filming wrapped up in Pinellas County, Zuehlsdorff spent more than 10 years as an ambassador for the marine animal hospital.

“I got to see firsthand all of you who loved her in a way that was deep," Zuehlsdorff told her followers in an Instagram video.

She described meeting people who told her they watched the Dolphin Tale movies during chemotherapy. The films were an inspiration, she said, for many people – including those with limb differences.

“If you found strength from Winter, and you’re feeling like you’re losing that strength right now in this moment, I just want to tell you something really important," Zuehlsdorff said Friday. "You may feel like Winter and her story and her inspiration gave you the strength to keep going, but what little Winter actually did was swim up next to you and show you the strength that you already had.”

"This dolphin wasn’t even supposed to live. Normal procedure to losing a tail was dying," Nathan Gamble, who played Sawyer, wrote in a tribute on Instagram.

But, as Gamble reminded readers, Winter fought and overcame every obstacle in front of her.

"During this continuous battle, she touched and inspired the lives of MILLIONS of people, and of course will continue to touch and inspire," Gamble wrote. "Winter has passed, but her legacy and her message of persevering during times of great pain will never be forgotten."

Gamble said he is devastated by Winter's passing.

"But I can’t help but feel grateful that this silly diva dolphin that I fell in love with was with us as long as she was," he added. "Also I don’t care what your theology is, I WILL SEE WINTER IN HEAVEN!"

The first Dolphin Tale film was released in 2011, with the sequel coming out in 2014. The franchise attracted major movie stars, including Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Harry Connick Jr. and Kris Kristofferson.

Winter passed away in the arms of her caregivers, who had been working for days to save her life. She'd been battling gastrointestinal issues and was not responding well to treatment.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) Veterinarian Dr. Shelly Marquardt shared new information Saturday morning regarding the necropsy of Winter the Dolphin.

The necropsy, an autopsy performed on animals, revealed the preliminary result of death was intestinal torsion.

Marquardt explains this is when the intestines "twist on themselves" and cut off the blood supply to the intestines.

There are reportedly other tests still pending.

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