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After transplant from dad, boy leaves Riley Hospital cancer-free

Giovani Galvez learned he was a half-match for his son Levi's bone marrow months after he attempted to take his own life.

INDIANAPOLIS — A 6-year-old Fishers boy walked out of the hospital cancer-free after a life-saving donation from his own father.

Levi Galvez has battled leukemia for more than half his life. In 2020, he contracted COVID-19

The emotional stress grew for Levi's father, Giovani, who attempted to take his own life in the summer of 2021. 

"Things were rough in my personal life. I had really hit rock bottom," Giovani told 13News last year. "I shot myself right here in my chest because I didn't want to be here anymore. Things were going so well for him, Levi. I knew he would be fine, but I felt I didn't have a place in this world anymore."  

But in the midst of the pain, Giovani realized he didn't want to die. He drove himself to the hospital and, miraculously, he survived.

"God definitely kept me alive for a reason," he said.

He later learned what that reason was - he discovered he was a half-match for Levi's bone marrow, giving his son a chance to go home with a stem cell transplant.

On Monday, Giovani was there as Levi rang the bell at Riley Hospital for Children, signifying he was leaving the hospital cancer-free. 

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