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What's Cooking: The Taco Shop

In the latest "What's Cooking," we got to The Taco Shop in Downtown Indy for fast and fresh tacos.

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – There's a new place in downtown Indianapolis to get a fast and fresh meal. Tonight in What's Cooking, we go in the kitchen at The Taco Shop, to see what all the buzz is about.

The Taco Shop opened last month at 9th and Pennsylvania, in the spot once occupied by Plow and Anchor. The same owners operate the Taco Shop, but It's a dramatically different concept. Nothing fancy here. But they do have delicious tacos.

It's a simple and small menu – four main tacos and a daily special. Chef and manager Evan Slusher says it's simple because it's all freshly prepared in house.

"We have a chicken taco, which is one with mole sauce, and we have a Carne taco. We also have a steak taco, which is a braised skirt steak."

All the tacos are simply dressed and you have a choice of two homemade salsa's: mild and extra hot!

My favorite taco has to be the vegetarian. So delicious. They start with a layer of black beans, and then grilled sweet potato, pickled onion, cheese and cilantro.

One thing that adds to the freshness of the taco is they make the corn tortillas fresh every morning. Because that is such a long process, the Taco Shop has one rule: they only make 400 a day.

"Yep, we make 400 a day and that's it. When we sell out of them, we close."

Slusher said he knows that sometimes disappointing to customers, but it's working out.

"I actually talk to a lot of people after we close and it's kind of sad to see their faces," Slusher said. "Sometime they are disappointed, but they are also happy and supportive of us which has been great. I think if people saw the process of hand making tortillas every, they would be more like, 'oh I get it now.'"

The Taco Shop also serves chips and homemade salsa and guacamole. But if you know anything about avocados, you know they can be hit and miss. So if you catch them on a day they are out, know they couldn't find could avocados.