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Chef Michael Symon reveals the secret to making perfect s’mores

You've probably been making s'mores wrong this whole time.

CLEVELAND — It’s summer, which means your family will probably enjoy ooey, gooey s’mores at some point.

Sure, s’mores seem like a simple snack – but did you know there’s a secret to making them even better?

Chef Michael Symon shared his method for making the perfect s’mores in a Facebook video last week.

“So the key to s’mores – you guys can’t be lazy with your s’mores," Symon said. "After you melt the marshmallow, you build the s’mores, you put it in foil, return to fire so you have properly melted chocolate with your s’mores, not a melted marshmallow and a hard chunk of chocolate.”

There you go!

The key to s’mores!!!!..anyone else do this?

Posted by Michael D. Symon on Wednesday, July 15, 2020


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