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Enjoy some fun winter activities outdoors with the kids

Winter will stick around for the next few weeks and there are some fun experiments you can do with the kids outside.

INDIANAPOLIS — While the temperatures have been allowing the snow to melt, there are some fun activities kids can enjoy in the mild conditions, while there is still some snow on the ground. 

Ice balls

Credit: WTHR

Make ice balls! It’s a great way to bring some color to the old snow that's melting and a great teaching moment. Put a few squirts of food coloring in a balloon and then fill up the balloon with water.  

Credit: WTHR

Let the balloons freeze overnight.

Credit: WTHR

Then, take the balloons off the colorful balls and spread out across the yard.

Three-year-old Parker Haddock got a kick out of describing the colors. Whether they were blue, pink or purple balls, he knew them all.

For the water balloons to become ice, they need to sit outside overnight, when temperatures are forecasted to drop to 32 degrees or colder.

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Snow volcano

Have the kids make a snow volcano. Mix dish soap, food coloring baking soda and warm water in a narrow container. Build a snow volcano and put the container in the center.  

Credit: WTHR


  • 2 tablespoons dish soap
  • Food coloring (optional)
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1-2 tablespoons warm water 

Pour vinegar into the container and watch the volcano erupt.  

Credit: WTHR

When the baking soda and vinegar react, it creates carbon dioxide. It causes the mixture to expand and escape out of the container. Carbon dioxide is important to the atmosphere because it helps regulate the earth’s temperature. And making the volcano outside is a lot less messy then doing it indoors!

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Snow paint

Painting in the snow is really easy and so much fun. Make your own snow paint by mixing a little bit of cornstarch with warm water and food coloring.  

Credit: WTHR

Make as many colors as you want. Have the kids gather some sticks to create a frame.  Pick a snow patch, lay the sticks down like a canvas frame and paint away. After they are done, they can pick up the sticks and start all over again. 

Credit: WTHR

It also brings some color to the dreary left over snow.

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