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COVID-19 has major impact on weddings

A local couple planned for their big day in the spring of 2020 but instead of saying "I do," the coronavirus had them saying "not yet."

INDIANAPOLIS — Imagine getting engaged and going through the whole process of planning a wedding for the spring of 2020.

And then a global pandemic happens.

"It's been - it's been a process," said Bryann Deckard and her soon-to-be husband John Hochgesang. "My first name is already fun enough, so let's add another."

They were supposed to get married over Memorial Day weekend.

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"We just kept kind of looking at the clock thinking, OK, like right now, we'd be getting ready, right now, we'd be saying 'I do,' right now, we'd be toasting with our friends and family," Bryann said.

The couple has decided to push their wedding back to November.

"It's a little nerve wracking to plan for the future, just worrying, knowing that we went through all that stress to plan the first time," John said.

But the Hochgesangs said the pandemic has helped them focus on what's important. 

"It's not about all the plans and things like that," Bryann said. "I get to marry this man at the end of this all, you know what I mean? And that really is, like, it's come back down to that."