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Indianapolis Zoo adding hands-on gator exhibit

The baby gators still need to be named and the zoo is asking for your help.

INDIANAPOLIS — You’ve probably never been closer to the American Alligator. 

The Indianapolis Zoo is bringing you a hands-on experience starting Memorial Day weekend.

The zoo will have adult alligators and crocodiles on display and during select times of day, little ones, less than two years old, guests will be able to touch. 

“I think people do have some fears or misconceptions around alligators and crocodiles as a whole so seeing the juveniles like this will help people hopefully see them in a new light," said Indianapolis Zoo Interpretation Supervisor Sara Caruso. "We have been working with them. These guys have been here for several months already, so our animal care team and our animal staff have been working with them to get them to be comfortable out in this type of setting. Going slow at a pace they’re comfortable with and getting them used to being handled and being around people.” 

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The baby gators still need to be named and the zoo is asking for your help.

“It’s just kind of a fun way to let our guests be involved in the names of these guys," Caruso said. "We have three sets of themed names that guests are going to be able to choose from. Our staff and our animal care team here got to have a part in choosing those names and then our guests are going to be able to help finalize those names for us.” 

You can vote on the baby gator names here. 

Voting ends Wednesday, May 12. The exhibit opens May 29.