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'Cheeks' the chipmunk charms Maine family

A family in Farmingdale has a new furry friend that has made its way into their hearts.

FARMINGDALE, Maine — 'Cheeks' the chipmunk showed up at the home of Meg Niles in Farmingdale about 3 and a half weeks ago and has endeared itself to her family.

Niles says Cheeks chirps every morning by 7 a.m. if he hasn't seen anyone yet.

 It has made itself part of the family by being comfortable enough to eat from the hands of the kids.

His reward for being so accommodating is fresh fruit, almonds, and a small amount of sunflower seeds for breakfast and dinner. 

Niles says 95% of the time Cheeks will come when called. 

She adds that there are at least 2 other chipmunks on her property but that Cheeks runs the yard. 

She thinks one of them may be a female and is hoping there may be some chipmunk babies this fall. 

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