Leif Garrett plays charity concert at the Vogue this Saturday

Leif Garrett plays charity concert at the Vogue this Saturday
Leif Garrett

He was a teen heartthrob in the 1970s. Now Leif Garrett is lending his talents to a charity concert in Indianapolis this weekend.

Leif plays a show at the Vogue this coming Saturday, July 25th, along with Emperors and Elephants and Jeff Willock.

Leif joined WTHR on Tuesday to talk about the reason for the show.

"I have a really good friend in LA who comes from here originally - his name's Billy Lee and his brother is married to Shawn [Robare]. And unfortunately Shawn got breast cancer. They just bought a farm, a nice place out of town and we want to make sure they don't lose it. Having gone through cancer in my family, I know it's very expensive. There's all the deductibles and all that sort of thing and then the after care. We just want to make sure everything's taken care of," he said.

Funds from the concert will go towards the family's medical bills, as well as the local chapter of the American Cancer Society.

Instead of playing with his usual band, Leif wanted to play with Indianapolis musicians.

"It's been so awesome. The people have been incredible," said Leif. "These guys all play in different bands locally. We had our first rehearsal yesterday. It was amazing."

General admission is $15, while fans can plump for either $50 or $100 meet-and-greet packages. Buy tickets here.