Lawsuit claims Lafayette Diocese knew about priest abusing children


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A new lawsuit claims the Catholic Diocese of Lafayette allowed one of its priests to sexually abuse children.

We are combing through all the court papers, which were filed this week.

    An anonymous victim claims he was abused by Father James Grear at a Catholic youth rally at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in 1982. The underaged victim - named in the suit as John Doe - also claims he confessed the alleged abuse to another priest and was told to "forget about the abuse, to ask God to forgive him, and not to disclose the abuse to anyone else."

    The victim claims the Diocese knew about Fr. Grear abusing numerous children before him, but allowed him to continue working with juveniles. The lawsuit further claims the Diocese's "actions were calculated to mislead and hinder" anyone from finding out about Fr. Grear's past crimes.

    According to these court documents, Father Grear was moved around among roughly a dozen assignments, most for no more than a year or two, before disappearing from the official Catholic directory entirely after 1993.

    The lawsuit accuses the Diocese and Fr. Grear of fraud, child sexual abuse, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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