Lawrence Police investigate attempted child abduction


Lawrence - Police in Lawrence are investigating an attempted abduction at a school bus stop. It happened around 7:00 am at the corner of 49th and Katherine.

A 15-year-old girl said an African-American man pulled up in a car and tried to talk her into getting in the vehicle.

"He attempted to lure her into the vehicle, rolled down the window and had an exchange with her. She did exactly what she should have done. She ran home and reported the incident to her parents who notified police," said Gary Woodruff, Lawrence Police.

"He said, 'Come on, come on. Get in the car. Are you coming?'" the girl reported to police in the 911 call.

The girl was not hurt.

Police describe the suspect as an African-American man in his thirties. He wore glasses and was driving a dark, shiny vehicle with shiny rims.

Police say they'll continue patrolling that area in the mornings and afternoons.