Lawrence neighbors on edge after string of home burglaries

Burglars targeting homes in a Lawrence subdivision took keepsake jewelry and other valuables. (Photo: WTHR)

LAWRENCE, Ind. (WTHR) - Neighbors say there usually isn’t any crime to speak of in the Oakland Hills subdivision in Lawrence, so after a series of home break-ins in just a matter of days, people are rattled.

Dan and Ann Seefeldt could tell something was wrong as soon as they came back home last Thursday evening.

“When I walked over toward the basement steps, I felt kind of a wind coming up, a good breeze,” said Dan.

The shattered glass proved their suspicions. Their scattered belongings knotted their stomachs.

“I think we were just kind of in a state of shock actually, not knowing what to do. And it is just a sickening feeling when you go and you see people have gone through your drawers,” said Ann.

They believe someone was watching their home and struck when they left for a night out.

Almost methodically, the thieves went right for their jewelry.

Their drawers were knocked about with the most valuable and sentimental items taken, including their wedding rings.

“They were very spot on, and they knew what the good things were, so it makes me wonder if they weren’t professional in some way,” said Ann.

Theirs was at least the third home in the subdivision hit in two weeks. In two other cases, Lawrence police say the M.O. was the same: windows were busted out and jewelry was targeted.

Police are working with the homeowner’s association to set up a neighborhood meeting this month to give people tips and help them be more vigilant against crime.

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