Lawrence birthday party gunfire wounds five teenagers


LAWRENCE, Ind. (WTHR) - Teen gun violence hit the city of Lawrence this weekend at a birthday party.

Five teens got hurt. One of them is still fighting for his life.

Another teenager is facing serious charges in connection with the shooting.

The gun violence that erupted here over the weekend targeted children and it happened in a neighborhood full of children, which is why people are so very concerned.

It happened just feet away from homes on Saturday.

"Literally in my backyard," said one resident.

A birthday party at the Lawrence Lions Club turned dangerous.

That night, Ashley and her daughter saw families enjoying the evening.

"You could hear the kids over there," said Ashley Knight. "You could see all kinds of people over there. You knew they was having a good time, and when we came back, there was just lights everywhere and then we found out what happened with a teenager opening fire and it just blows my mind."

"Just a sad event," said David Hanson. "Kids can't get together and have a good time without shooting somebody."

"To come to a birthday party and just start shooting, I mean, what's going through their minds," Knight added.

Lawrence police aren't sure what sparked the violence but they are now holding a 14-year-old boy in juvenile detention for having a gun with him and firing it.

They're also investigating whether anyone else had a gun.

Police say less than ten shots went off, wounding five teenagers. Three juveniles were grazed by bullets.

A 14-year-old shot in the chest is now improving at Eskenazi and a 14-year-old is still critical at Riley after being shot in the head.

"It is very young and it hits close to home, especially when you have children in that age range," said Knight.

"We had the same thing up in Noblesville. It just makes you wonder what's going through their mind that they have to solve issues with guns now," Hanson said.

"I don't know. I mean the gun laws are strict, but do they need to make them stricter? And where does the parents come into play here," said Knight.

Questions these families don't have answers to. They just know something needs to change to protect young lives.

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