Lawmakers seek to repeal parental abortion notification


CHICAGO (WTHR) — A group of Illinois lawmakers look to repeal a bill requiring minors to notify their parents of the decision to get an abortion.

Four lawmakers along with the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois and Planned Parenthood of Illinois are backing a pair of bills that they say would modernize the law, WEEK reported.

“It never made sense to me that a minor can make other decisions – about carrying a pregnancy to term, about adoption, about sophisticated health care – without parental notification, but only if she seeks an abortion do we require this communication,” said Rep. Welch, who is sponsoring the bill in the Illinois House. “We cannot pretend as elected officials that we can force ourselves into these situations because some disagree with a minor’s decision about their life.”

The sponsors of the bill argue whether minors choose to tell or not tell their parents about the decision, they likely have a good reason.

The bill along with another to repeal the Illinois Abortion Act of 1975, would also require private insurance plans to cover abortions on the same basis as contraception, fertility and maternity care.