Landscape worker pulls woman and child from sinking car

Lauderdale Police image

LAUDERDALE, Florida (WTVJ) - A Florida landscape worker saved a woman and an infant from a sinking vehicle.

Miguel Enrique and his co-workers were part of a landscaping crew that was cutting trees near the Florida Turnpike when the SUV drove into a Lauderdale pond.

When Enrique saw the vehicle sinking in the water, he ran to help.

Enrique said he climbed into the SUV through the rear door, unhooked the child out of the car seat, and handed the baby to another man who stopped to help.

Eventually mother and child were rescued and taken to a nearby hospital to get checked-out.

Enrique said, "I'm not a hero. What's important to me is that I saved two lives. I got to the water and it was getting deeper and deeper and I told the lady I'll save the baby and then come back and save you."