Lafayette police search for clues in drive-by shootings

Bullets came through the windows of a Lafayette home. (WTHR photo)
Lafayette Houses Shot Up
Lafayette Houses Shot Up

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WTHR) - Police in Lafayette are still looking for a suspect in a series of drive-by shootings early Sunday morning.

Police believe all three shootings are related.

"There's bullet holes in this curtain. They shot through this whole window,” said Kylie, who lives in a rental house on Lafayette's 31st Street. "I was laying down right here."

She said if she would have sat up, a bullet would have hit her in the head.

About 7:30 Sunday morning, danger knocked on the doors and windows of her rental.

"It just was loud. I was the only one awake for it I woke up. Like my ears were ringing I couldn't hear," Kylie said.

Counting all of the entrance and exit points, they say "there's 79 holes in our house."

But the storm of bullets didn't start there. It started about an hour earlier over a mile or so away.

The first gunshots were fired about 6 a.m. in the parking lot at Spring Garden apartments on Teal Road.

"At 6 o'clock in the morning, somebody was banging on my door and they yelled that they have been shot. I called the police."

The man was wounded in the knee. A half-hour later, at apartments on Windemere, more gunfire. A car that police are still trying to find, a white, late-90s Buick LeSabre, was shot up.

Police say bullets also flew into a car dealership nearby. We saw a large window knocked out and boarded over. A mobile home parked on the dealer lot was also struck.

Just after that came the drive-by on 31st Street. Not only was the yellow house hit, bullets flew into a building out back that was recently a daycare and hit a business across the alley. Neighbors said "there's kids all over this neighborhood as you can see and it's scary. It's scary."

Scott Elliott says when the shooting stopped he raced to the neighbor's to make sure no one was hit.

Elliott says "It's amazing that they're alive today. They totally littered their house. You can see there's holes all over their house. It's uncalled for. This is not Chicago."

Police believe the three shootings are connected in the 31st Street drive-by shooting. They're looking for a gray vehicle. Call Lafayette Police if you have information to help the investigation.

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