Kroger customers may soon have to pay for cash back on debit card transactions

Kroger store in Indianapolis. (Source; Shutterstock/Jonathan Weiss)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Indiana Kroger stores are testing a new policy that may make it a little more inconvenient for customers to get cash back.

For nearly two years, Kroger stores in Indiana have had a policy that requires customers to pay a $3.50 convenience fee to get $100 or more cash back on debit card transactions.

Now, three stores in Kroger's central division — comprised of stores around Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne, South Bend and Peoria, Illinois — are testing out a new policy that would add a 50-cent fee to cash back requests less than $100.

Central Division Public Affairs Manager Eric Halvorson said the policy will likely be implemented across all division stores by early September. It's an effort to continue offering a convenient way for customers to get cash while Kroger faces expenses from credit and debit card companies.

"Every year, the credit and debit card companies charge us millions of dollars for card transactions," Halvorson said. "Our fees help us offset the impact of such expenses."

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