KRAVITZ PODCAST: Authors of 'We Changed the Game' talk about the ABA Pacers

Journalist Robin Miller (standing) and former Pacer Bob Netolicky (sitting) wrote the book "We Changed the Game." (WTHR Photo/Bob Kravitz)
Updated: staff

Former Pacer Bob Netolicky and journalist Robin Miller give Bob some behind the scenes stories on the ABA-era Pacers.

The two have a book coming out called "We Changed the Game" that covers the ABA and the eventual merger with the NBA. Hear the story behind how this book started (3:10) and find out how close the Pacers were to folding (8:00). Gain some insight on how the ABA contracts worked (25:45) and hear some great stories about legendary Pacers coach Bobby "Slick" Leonard (32:30) including his unusual motivational techniques (40:15).

WARNING: This podcast contains adult language.

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