KRAVITZ BLOG: Luck takes the next step; Reich says he’s throwing a football

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Bob Kravitz

It would appear, on the surface at least, that Andrew Luck has taken a step forward in what’s seemed like his endless recovery from shoulder surgery.

At the Orlando Owners Meetings, Colts head coach Frank Reich said this morning that while he hasn’t actually seen Luck throw a football, Luck is, in fact, throwing a football.

Later, on, Reich and the team clarified that statement:

”He’s gotten to the point where he is actually throwing smaller footballs," Reich said on the team’s website. “You know, I did actually make a statement this morning about (Luck) throwing footballs; really, the clarification to that is they are kind of reduced-sized footballs to where you get the motion, but you feel like it’s a little bit of a football action. So we’re really encouraged by the steps."

So, if you’re keeping score at home, Luck threw weighted balls during his recent rehab stint in Los Angeles, and now he’s throwing smaller footballs. Why not a regulation-sized football, and why does it feel like we just stepped into an old Seinfeld episode? Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Andrew’s Recovery.

The Colts said previously that Luck would take part when the team re-convenes for offseason training April 9, and that remains the plan. There’s no word yet on whether he’ll be throwing weighted balls, Nerf balls or anvils. Stay tuned for that.

During last season, Luck returned to practice with the team and threw for two weeks, but when pain returned, he was shut down and placed on injured reserve Nov. 2, ending his season. Since then, he has spent time in Amsterdam to work on regaining his strength, then went to Los Angeles to work with throwing experts Tom House and Adam Dedeaux.

As usual, owner Jim Irsay is highly optimistic (and yes, he was optimistic Luck would be ready for last season, and then was optimistic he would return the first month of the season, so…)

“All indicators are the healing is going very well and we feel really optimistic that he’s turned the corner and has a full decade ahead of him of excellence," Irsay said at the Owners Meetings. “And that’s a long period of time. I think the best is yet to come."

Baby footballs.

Baby steps.

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