Kokomo transforms downtown alleys to art galleries

(Photo: WTHR Staff)
Kokomo Alley Art
All alleys lead to art initiative

KOKOMO, Ind. (WTHR) — The project is called "All Alleys Lead to Art" and in downtown Kokomo, you'll be hard pressed to find a boring alley.

The Greater Kokomo Downtown Association is transforming the area with murals, sculptures and art.

"We're kind of a hidden gem," artist Lesley Wysong says of Kokomo. "They may have thought about us in the past as being more industrial, but there are a lot of creative people."

Artists must prepare work that can withstand the elements, and pieces are rotated in and out of the alleys to show different artwork.

Organizers say it's a good way to bring art to people who might not find themselves in art galleries very often.

"Not expecting a dark alley to be a 24/7 dynamic art gallery, I think that could adjust their opinion of where they are and what's happening here," Susan Alexander, the Creative Place Making Manager for the Greater Kokomo Economic Development Alliance, says.

The community is buying into the beautification efforts. A local teen made it his Eagle Scout project to help install the art in the alleys.

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