Knoxville father threw 1-year-old child 15 feet across a concrete parking lot during argument

Jacques Tyaion Davis. (Photo: Knox County Sheriff's Office)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WBIR) — A Knoxville father is accused of throwing his 1-year-old child 15 feet across a concrete parking lot at his ex-girlfriend, according to court records.

Officers said they responded to Woodgate Apartments on Cedar Lane Monday night after a report of a domestic dispute between an ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend.

According to arrest records, Jacques Tyaion Davis, 24, and his ex-girlfriend got into a verbal argument that turned physical.

She told investigators that while she and Jacques were arguing, he punched her in the face with a closed fist. The report said she told officers she went to a neighbor's house and told him she was calling the police so he took her phone and threw it on the ground to break it so she couldn't call.

According to the report, she then told investigators Jacques took their child and when she asked for the child back, Jacques reportedly "took the child with one hand and threw the child at [her] over a distance of 15 feet over the concrete parking lot."

She said she caught the child in her arms, however, the child's head was thrown back violently in a whiplash fashion while she caught them. The report said she told investigators the child then began crying profusely.

At some point, Jacques got the child back and fled the scene in his car at a high rate of speed, the report said.

Witnesses also said, according to the report, they saw Jacques punch his ex-girlfriend in the face and break her phone. They said they saw him throw the child and later take off with the child.

The report said Jacques was located by police and the child was taken from him. He was taken into custody for domestic assault, interference with 911 calls and child abuse.

"Jacques stated he did break [her] phone when she said stated she was going to call police," the report said.

He reportedly denied the assault took place.

Jacques also had his ex-girlfriend's ID when he was taken into custody, the report said.

She told investigators she would follow up with medical professionals to check the child for injuries, the report said.

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