Kilroy's complaint, response go viral


A woman nearly died from a heart attack at Kilroy's New Year's Eve. When a customer complained about it on the bar's Facebook page, a manager replied - and his response has gone viral.

According to the posts, a 57-year-old woman had a heart attack while celebrating New Year's Eve at the downtown hot spot with her husband and son. A woman by the name of Holly Jones appears to have complained on their Facebook page about the experience, apparently believing the victim had overdosed on a drug as opposed to having a medical event, and getting upset that a paying customer (herself) was not given higher priority while trying to pay her bill.

"I will never go back to this location for New Year's Eve!!!...The manager also told us someone dying was more important then us being there making us feel like our business didn't matter, but I guess allowing a Junkie in the building to overdose on your property is more important then paying customers who are spending a lot of money!!...I get that working on New Years Eve [is] stressful but being a complete [expletive] to us all night knowing you get an automatic gratuity is not right!!!"

A manager by the name of Chris Burton replied to the Facebook post saying, in part:

"This poor lady, who was celebrating New Years Eve with her husband and son, had to be placed on the floor of a completely packed bar and have her shirt removed in front of everyone so the paramedics could work on her. But I completely understand why you think being intoxicated [expletive]s that didn't understand you bill should take priority over a human life....I'm glad to hear you won't be coming back to Kilroy's because we wouldn't want anyone as cold hearted and nasty as you returning."

The response has already received positive feedback from around the world, as well as numerous locals who have said they plan to visit Kilroy's more frequently. One poster from New Jersey even said he planned to re-route an upcoming cross-country trip to pass through Indiana so he could "pop in for a pint just to raise one up to your response..."

Support the woman who nearly died by donating to her medical expenses. Click here to visit her GoFundMe page.

NOTE: A previous version of this story stated that the heart attack victim's age was 70. We have since learned she was 57.