Key West Sea Turtle Club captures rare video of hatchlings headed to se

(Photo: Key West Sea Turtle Club)

KEY WEST, Fla. (WTHR) — The sea turtle nesting and hatching season is upon us. It's the busy time of year for the Key West Sea Turtle Club.

The group, along with others, patrols beaches and cares for the turtles and their offspring.

The group shared video of the recently-hatched Loggerhead sea turtles as they emerged from their nests and headed toward the waters of the Atlantic.

Video of the activity is rare, since the turtles usually hatch and move in the dark of night.

It's a matter of instinct that the hatchlings seek the glow of the ocean horizon to lead them to the water.

The turtle club seeks to streamline the move by ensuring the pathway is safe for the hatchlings.

The nesting season continues through the second week of October.

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