Kentucky girl, 7, gone 25 minutes before she was found murdered

Gabby Doolin, 7, was reported missing just 25 minutes before she was found dead.

Police in Kentucky are investigating the apparent homicide of a seven-year-old girl who was found dead just minutes after she was reported missing.

Brian and Amy Doolin lost their daughter, Gabbi, in the crowd at a pee-wee football jamboree in Scottsville, near the Tennessee border. 

That was at 7:40 p.m.

The Doolins immediately asked the public address announcer to call her name to help track her down. When Gabbi didn't respond after repeated announcements, the football crowd turned into a search party.

"It came over the intercom. After the third time, shut it down and we quit and the entire community started looking for her, we had a complete lockdown of the school. I mean, it was super quick," said Mike Willoughby, a friend of the Doolins.

Gabriella Doolin's death confirmed as homicide

But even that quick response was too late.

Just 25 minutes later, Gabbi was found by a creek just 400 yards away, apparently the victim of murder.

More than 500 people gathered for a candlelight vigil Sunday night. Even in their unbearable pain, the Doolins came, held up by the support of the community.

"We, as a community, Brian, stand with you, this whole town stands with you tonight," said Pastor Keith Patrick. "We are praying for you, we are crying with you, we are mourning with you."

Scottsville is a town of just 4,000 people, where everyone knows everyone else.

"We are a great city, a great community. We love one another. You never expect it, but it's a constant reminder evil has no borders or boundaries. Just like Paris, you wake up and something happens like that in your own backyard," said Patrick.

No one could even attempt an explanation for what happened to Gabbi. Brian Doolin could barely speak at the vigil, but he had something to say.

"I love you. I ain't no speaker, but I have love in my heart. Hold those babies tight, hold...I'd love to hold her just one more time. Just hold her tight," Doolin said.

Police say they are working to narrow a list of possible suspects in the girl's death.

The community has organized a Facebook page to raise money to support Gabbi's family.