Keeping your belongings safe with home security systems

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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - News of criminals breaking into homes and cars to steal property has some Hoosiers investing in home security systems.

We're looking at some of the popular security features keeping people and property safe.

Workers installed a home security system in Lisa Rollings' Greenwood home after she heard about crime in her neighborhood.

"People are breaking into people's homes during the day. Breaking into their garages, breaking into their cars and stealing things," Rollings said.

Lisa wanted sensors on her doors and more security for her garage.

"There are alarms on the garages so if there's something that would compromise the garage doors, we would be notified," she said.

Lisa gets all the notifications on her cell phone. "It's very easy," she said. "It's very simple. There's a lot of icons used so you can see what to turn on and off."

That way she can always know what's happening, even when she's not home.

The remote security technology allows Lisa to open and close her garage door with her cell phone, giving her control of who gets in.

We spoke to Kirk Booher with OnGuard Security about that remote technology. "You have the ability to allow a construction worker, maybe a nanny, a friend, a neighbor, whomever, access into your house," he said.

Lisa can keep tabs on the outside of her house because she's installed a doorbell camera. Whether they physically touch the doorbell or just stand at the front door, Lisa can keep track while watching on her cell phone.

"We can actually talk to the person through [the doorbell camera]. If we don't want to answer or don't know who it is, we can communicate with them or we can choose not to because we can still visually see them through our cell phones," Rollings said.

The full security system cost Lisa less than $1,000.

She says it's worth the peace of mind. "It's just a strong sense of security," she said. "Just that we have that extra precaution in place to keep them safe."