Keeping up with Quintez: Learning Yoga, Deep Breathing & Meditation

Mary Milz

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - I dropped by the MLK Center Thursday morning to check in with Quintez and was told his family had gone out of town for the holiday.

It was raining outside and more than a dozen teens were camped out on bean bags in the new "Peace Room." Stardust Adita was leading them thru deep-breathing and relaxation exercises.

Adita, who used to work for the Julian Center, recently joined the MLK Center as a "purveyor of peace." A big part of that involved turning a small activity room into the Peace Room.

I wanted to know more...what were her goals? How did she hope to reach and help teens like Quintez? What follows are parts of our conversation.

1) What are you hoping to accomplish?

2) How did the teens initially respond to the Peace Room, and lessons in yoga and meditation?

3) What's the take away? How does meditation apply to their every day lives?

4) What changes have you seen in the teens since you began working with them?

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