June shooting victim talks about recovery

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WTHR) - A man who was nearly killed in a triple shooting earlier this summer says he wants the violence in the city to stop.

Trea Richards is living with injuries from the shooting every day.

"I'm so lucky to be alive," he said.

It's something Richards realizes every time he looks at his bullet wounds, five of them.

"I have bullets lodged in my back," he said.

The injuries, scars and tubing are the result of a shooting Richards survived in late June. It happened at a near-west side home on a Saturday night.

A woman and another man were also shot. The man didn't make it.

"I had to crawl past him dead. It was terrible," Richards said.

Richards says the only reason he was there that night was to pick up money for a car he sold to someone. He calls it a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Richards said.he was getting ready to leave when two men came through the front door with guns. He took off for the back door but ran into a third man.

"All I did was open a door and he just came around and started shooting me and shooting me and shooting," Richards said. "I was an innocent bystander, leaving."

Richards tried to take cover in a bathroom.

"He shot me in the leg, trying to hold the door closed with my foot."

Richards has spent almost two months in a hospital recovering.

"I was on life support for three weeks," he said.

Now back home, Richards thinks about what happened that night and the other crime he hears about every day.

"The violence in this city is ridiculous."

He also thinks about the young man who shot him, the reason he walks with this cane and can't sleep at night.

"I didn't see a killer. I seen a kid," said Richards. He has a message for him.

"You're ruining your life. You're taking away from your mom and dad too. If you're out there, turn yourself in."

Police say there are no updates in the investigation and that witnesses have not been cooperating.

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