Johnson County woman sentenced to 55 years for 2006 murder of her aunt

(WTHR photo)

FRANKLIN, Ind. (WTHR) - There was closure Thursday to a murder case that's had many twists and turns.

Stephanie Bryant was sentenced to 55 years in prison for the murder of her aunt, Stella Morgan.

It happened in Greenwood in December 2006.

Morgan essentially raised Bryant as her own daughter.

Bryant was eventually charged with murder but found incompetent to stand trial.

She spent 11 years in treatment at a psychiatric hospital.

That was until 2018, when hospital officials told the court that Bryant's competency was restored, and the case had been reopened.

The prosecutor's office was surprised but still had a lot of what they needed for court.

"We were fortunate enough that we had a lot of the personnel from Greenwood Police Department still there. The documents were still preserved," said prosecutor Joseph Villanueva.

A jury found Bryant guilty but mentally ill before Thursday's sentencing. She has credit for time served while in the hospital.