Johnson County prosecutor resigns, agrees to 18 months probation in plea deal

Bradley Cooper mug shot (Photo: Johnson County Sheriff's Office)

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) – Johnson County prosecutor Bradley Cooper has resigned his position and agreed to a plea deal that includes 18 months probation following a domestic violence incident.

During a court hearing, Cooper pled guilty to three felony counts including criminal confinement, identity deception and official misconduct. He also pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery.

In the courtroom, Cooper apologized to the victim and told her that he took full responsibility.

Cooper is on probation for 18 months. He had to resign from his elected office and may lose his license to practice law in Indiana.

Cooper said nothing to reporters as he hurried into the Hancock County Courthouse. He made a short statement in during the hearing.

"I would like to apologize to all the people I let down," Cooper told the judge. "I am deeply sorry for what's occurred. I take full responsibility."

His victim sat about 20 feet away in the front row.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Cooper said.

The attack occurred in early March in his rural Johnson County home. Cooper's victim, his girlfriend, fled to a neighbor's house, pleading for help. She had a black eye, bruises and scratches.

At first, Bradley claimed he was the victim.

"She was the initial aggressor in my home. She attacked me. She was enraged," he told Eyewitness News in March.

Under the terms of the plea agreement, Cooper admitted his statements were untrue.

Cooper's convictions will be reported to the Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission. They will decide whether to suspend Cooper's license to practice law.

In court, Special Judge Dan Marshall scolded Cooper, saying his actions undermine the public's trust in the judicial system, a system that holds itself to a higher standard.

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