Johnson County man warns pet owners about coyotes on the prowl

Coyotes have been killing ducks in the Trafalgar area. (Courtesy: Bob Dickinson)

TRAFALGAR, Ind. (WTHR) — Lance Fischer has a warning for his neighbors in southern Johnson County: keep an eye on your livestock and pets.

Over the weekend, a trail camera on his parents' property captured a coyote running away from the duck pond with something in its mouth. Several hundred yards away, Fischer found another pile of feathers.

WARNING: Some may find this video disturbing. (Courtesy: Lance Fischer)

He believes a second trail camera, though he's yet to check, picked up another kill late last night or early this morning, making it the fourth in the last few weeks.

He's used his social media page, Concerned Citizens of Southern Johnson County, to spread the word.

"It seems like it's a seasonal thing for coyotes coming out in the spring or fall," he said. "I just want people to watch out for their animals, their pets, dogs and cats."

He noted with expanding development, coyotes are losing their habitat but with few places to go.